Sustainable fuel for now and the future

ecoMotion, a SARIA subsidiary, has been producing high-quality biodiesel since 2001. The ecoMotion product range adds climate-friendly, sustainable fuels to the SARIA portfolio, in line with the Group’s focus on environmental issues. These fuels are supplied to major petroleum companies, who blend them with regular mineral diesel for delivery to retail filling stations. The biodiesel component significantly reduces the carbon emissions produced during combustion. Another important benefit of biodiesel production is the by-product glycerine – a primary material used in a wide range of applications.


ecoMotion uses animal fats and waste cooking oils to make arguably the most climate-friendly and sustainable biodiesel currently in industrial-scale production. The company’s biodiesel plants in Sternberg and Lünen also process vegetable oils. ecoMotion biodiesel is fully compliant with the EN 14214 standard. Our TME product (tallow methyl ester), for example, reduces greenhouse gas emissions by at least 83 percent compared with regular mineral-based fuel (Annex V, Renewable Energy Directive). ecoMotion biodiesel is extremely pure and has an excellent carbon footprint.

Our Biofuels:

  • TME (tallow methyl ester)
  • RME (rapeseed methyl ester)
  • UCOME (used cooking oil methyl ester)
  • FAME (fatty acid methyl ester)

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By-products fro, biodiesel production

Another attractive feature of biodiesel production is the range of valuable by-products. These are used in a variety of sectors, including food, cosmetics, oleochemicals, fertilisers and energy production.

Our high-quality by-products:

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  • Refined glycerine
  • Crude glycerine
  • Potassium sulphate
  • Fatty acids
  • BHO

Products from renewable materials

In addition to biodiesel production, ecoMotion operates an on-site oil mill at its Sternberg facility. Using rapeseed as the primary material, the mill produces rapeseed oil and rapeseed protein (rapeseed expeller). The protein is marketed as a high-quality livestock feed.

ecoMotion Sternberg offers the following products:

  • Rapeseed oil (FEDIOL)
  • Rapeseed oil (degummed)
  • Rapeseed expeller

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