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ecoMotion – securing the future of mobility

A pioneer in the European biodiesel industry, ecoMotion has been producing and marketing biodiesel since 2001. Using innovative technologies, we produce our eco-friendly fuel from animal fats, waste cooking oils and vegetable oils. Our total production capacity is more than 300,000 tonnes a year. ecoMotion supplies the European petroleum industry from three locations in Germany as well as one location each in Denmark and Spain. Our biodiesel is blended with regular mineral diesel to meet the climate protection targets set by the European Union. More

Climate-friendly fuel from Europe

With its three locations in Germany – Lünen, Malchin and Sternberg – plus Løsning in Denmark and Montmeló in Spain, ecoMotion is ideally positioned to respond quickly and flexibly to changing customer needs. Good transport links allow prompt delivery by rail, ship and road tanker. Broad-based production in three European countries means that ecoMotion is highly responsive and can optimise its logistics.

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Sustainable fuel for now and the future

ecoMotion, a SARIA subsidiary, has been producing high-quality biodiesel since 2001. The ecoMotion product range adds climate-friendly, sustainable fuels to the SARIA portfolio, in line with the Group’s focus on environmental issues. These fuels are supplied to major petroleum companies, who blend them with regular mineral diesel for delivery to retail filling stations. The biodiesel component significantly reduces the carbon emissions produced during combustion. Another important benefit of biodiesel production is the by-product glycerine – a primary material used in a wide range of applications.

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Innovative technology to help combat climate change

ecoMotion produces climate-friendly, sustainable biofuels from animal fats, waste cooking oils and frying fats, and vegetable oils. Biodiesel made from these recycled materials reduces greenhouse gas emissions by at least 83 per cent compared with mineral diesel. The production technology was developed in partnership with leading providers of engineering solutions to the biodiesel industry.

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