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Innovative technology to help combat climate change

ecoMotion produces climate-friendly, sustainable biofuels from animal fats, waste cooking oils and frying fats, and vegetable oils. Biodiesel made from these recycled materials reduces greenhouse gas emissions by at least 83 per cent compared with mineral diesel. The production technology was developed in partnership with leading providers of engineering solutions to the biodiesel industry.

  • Environment and sustainability

    • In a time when enormous efforts are being made to protect the environment, there is a need for fuels that conserve our natural resources. ecoMotion was quick to recognise this trend and has been producing and marketing climate-friendly biodiesel as a SARIA subsidiary since 2001. With better emissions, less soot, fewer harmful substances and sustainable production, the benefits of ecoMotion fuels are clear.

    The production process itself is also designed with environmental factors in mind. With close to 100 per cent conversion of the primary materials, it is almost entirely waste-free. ecoMotion products are regularly analysed in our own laboratory and monitored by independent certifying bodies. Click here to view our product certification.

Innovative technology

  • The core process in biodiesel production is transesterification. In this chemical exchange reaction, the glycerine contained in the primary material is replaced with methanol. This leads to the formation of fatty acid methyl ester (biodiesel) and glycerine. When converting animal fats and waste frying fats, the production process has two additional steps that are not required in conventional biodiesel production. In the first step – prior to transesterification – the free fatty acids contained in the primary material are esterified. After transesterification, the product is distilled. The result is an extremely pure, crystal-clear and almost colourless product.

ecoMotion GmbH // ein Unternehmen der SARIA-Gruppe

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