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Climate-friendly fuel from Europe

With its three locations in Germany – Lünen, Malchin and Sternberg – plus Løsning in Denmark and Montmeló in Spain, ecoMotion is ideally positioned to respond quickly and flexibly to changing customer needs. Good transport links allow prompt delivery by rail, ship and road tanker. Broad-based production in three European countries means that ecoMotion is highly responsive and can optimise its logistics. Click here for a map of all ecoMotion locations with contact details.

Malchin (Germany)

  • The ecoMotion biodiesel plant in Malchin is one of the first biodiesel pilot projects ever undertaken in Germany. This multi-feedstock biodiesel plant was opened back in 2001. The primary materials are animal fats, vegetable oils, and waste frying fats sourced from the catering sector. The annual output of 10,000 tonnes of biodiesel and 1,000 tonnes of glycerine is distributed by tanker truck.

Sternberg (Germany)

  • The biodiesel plant in Sternberg has a maximum output of 100,000 tonnes a year. The on-site glycerine distillation facility refines 20,000 tonnes of glycerine each year.

    The on-site oil mill has an annual capacity of up to 170,000 tonnes of locally sourced rapeseed. This is converted into approximately 70,000 tonnes of rapeseed oil and around 100,000 tonnes of rapeseed protein.

Lünen (Germany)

  • The biodiesel plant in Lünen, which opened in 2006, has an annual capacity of 100,000 tonnes from its two production lines. A multi-feedstock plant, it processes vegetable oils, animal fats and used cooking oils sourced from the catering sector. Glycerine production amounts to 11,000 tonnes a year. Products are transported by rail, road tanker and barge.

Løsning (Denmark)

  • Located on the Jutland peninsula, the biodiesel plant in Løsning entered service in April 2008. Using animal fats as its sole primary material, the plant produces 50,000 tonnes of biodiesel (TME) and up to 5,000 tonnes of glycerine each year. For more information, visit the Daka ecoMotion website.

Montmeló (Spain)

  • The biodiesel plant in Montmeló near Barcelona entered service in 2002. Total production output amounts to 31,000 tonnes of biodiesel and around 3,000 tonnes of glycerine a year. As a multi-feedstock plant, it produces biodiesel from animal fats, used frying fats and vegetable oils. For more information, contact info@ecomotion-biodiesel.es

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