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ecoMotion – sustainable fuels.


SARIA subsidiary ecoMotion has been active in the biodiesel production sector for over ten years. The company underlines the SARIA Group’s environmental focus and enhances its product and service portfolio with sustainable fuels that are used by the entire SARIA fleet as well as being sold at filling stations in the form of a fossil diesel blend. As raw materials become scarce, biodiesel is crucial to future mobility and also saves significant amounts of CO2. In addition, a by-product of biodiesel production is glycerine, which is used as an intermediate product in a host of applications.



Biodiesel from animal fats and waste cooking oils

At its Lünen and Malchin facilities, ecoMotion uses by-products of the food processing industry and used frying fats from the catering industry to produce high-quality biodiesel, which makes an important contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Biodiesel from plant oils

At our Lünen and Sternberg locations, we produce plant-based biodiesel using rapeseed oil from the local region. In addition to oil, processing rapeseed at the Sternberg mill results in rapeseed cake, which is used in agriculture as high-quality feed.


A by-product of the production of biodiesel from rapeseed oil, glycerine is refined into pharmaceutical glycerine at our Sternberg plant. Its uses the ideal base for numerous products in the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industry. 





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