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Tailored logistics concepts: ecoMotion delivers by road, rail and water.

Sustainable fuel for now and the future.

As a pioneer of the German biodiesel industry, ecoMotion has been producing and marketing biodiesel since 2001. ecoMotion has innovative technology that enables it to make biodiesel from rapeseed oil as well as from animal fats and used cooking oils. Its annual production capacity is 210,000 tonnes of biodiesel.

ecoMotion supplies the European oil industry with biodiesel from three locations in Germany (Lünen, Malchin and Sternberg) for use as an additive to meet its biofuel quota. Additionally, ecoMotion markets pure biodiesel (B100) for truck fleets in particular.

Comprehensive quality management and external certifications ensure that ecoMotion products meet high quality standards. Professional order processing and flexible logistics concepts demonstrate ecoMotion’s commitment to fulfilling the needs of the international biofuels market.


In a challenging environment characterised by frequent and often rapid change, ecoMotion has set itself the objective of becoming one of the leading producers of biofuels in Europe both now and in the future, based on a solid market position.

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