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Glycerine – a high-quality, versatile by-product of biodiesel production.

ecoMotion produces 15,000 tonnes of pharmaceutical glycerine each year.

During biodiesel production, glycerine is created as a by-product. This glycerine is around 80% pure and is needed for many different applications.


Crude glycerine made from animal fats is used in biogas facilities and effluent treatment plants. When obtained from processing vegetable oils, crude glycerine can be used as an additive in animal nutrition.


When crude glycerine based on plant oils is subjected to further processing, it is known as pharmaceutical glycerine and is approximately 99% pure. This type of glycerine is used for many different applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Multifunctional versatility


Glycerine is a highly versatile substance which is used in the pharmaceutical, plastics, food and cosmetics industries.



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