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Quality fuel from animal by-products.

Distillation at the end of the production process creates highly purified biodiesel.

Based on animal fats and processed used cooking oils and frying fats, ecoMotion produces some of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable biodiesel currently being made on an industrial scale. ecoMotion TME (tallow methyl ester) meets all the requirements of the EN 14214 standard.

The saving on greenhouse gas emissions achieved by this high-quality biofuel is 83% compared to fossil fuels (Annex V, Renewable Energy Directive) and is therefore twice as high as for conventional biodiesel.


Due to the particular features of the raw material being used compared to conventional biodiesel technology, the production process involves two additional steps:
Before transesterification takes place, the free fatty acids in the raw material are split off in an initial pre-esterification process. After the transesterification process, the product is distilled. This creates a very pure, crystal-clear and almost colourless product – TME in ecoMotion quality. 



The technology deployed in the production process was developed in conjunction with BDI (BioEnergie International, Austria) – the world’s leading provider of technology for producing biodiesel from animal fat/waste cooking oil.





A respected partner to international customers


ecoMotion TME is not only exceptionally pure with an excellent carbon footprint, it also has very good combustion properties in engines due to its high cetane rating.

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