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Utilising biogenic waste and by-products is the most sustainable way to combat climate change.

Second-generation biodiesel.

In a time of intensive efforts to combat climate change, we need fuels that help conserve natural resources. ecoMotion was quick to recognise this emerging requirement and has been producing and marketing environmentally friendly biodiesel since 2001 as a subsidiary of the SARIA Group. Improved emissions, less soot, fewer harmful substances and a sustainable foundation: the benefits of ecoMotion products are clear. Due to its excellent carbon footprint and use of waste material, the European Commission has classified ecoMotion TME (tallow methyl ester) as a second-generation biofuel.


The production process also takes environmental factors into consideration: because almost 100% of the raw materials is used, production does not generate any waste. The resulting by-products such as glycerine are used by the company itself or processed within a number of other industries. For more details please visit the various pages in this section.   


Innovative technologies from ecoMotion enable second-generation biodiesel to be produced which is recognised as sustainable by politicians and scientists.



High production standards


ecoMotion products are tested regularly in our own laboratory and by independent third-party institutes and are certified according to ISCC ISO 9001, QS, HACCP and AGQM.  

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